Everyone has a story. For many of us, whether we like it or not, whether we chose it or not, our story began before we were born. It began with our Barrio, our neighborhood. It began with our families, our cultures, our traditions. Often times it began with our hardships and our struggles. Sometimes we didn’t have a choice, we were born into these things, but they have made us who we are. They have taught us the harsh lessons of survival, instinct,and loyalty. As we push forward fighting for what we know and a better life, we become the Saints to our Barrios. We become the fighters, the hustlers, the survivors. We carry in us the hope of a better life. We carry for our seeds the promise that you can rise above. And we carry for our families the truth that good people do come from the hood. We are Barrio Saints. Barrio Saints is more than a brand, it is the progression of street life into art.